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"India About To Jump Off The Deep End"

Posted on Thursday, August 07, 2014 3:45 PM

Hello Everyone & Welcome !

I came across an article shortly ago re: " India Invites Bids For $8 Billion Renewable Grid Upgrade" by Bloomberg , net.

I don't know where to start with this article so If I appear dysfunctional, please bear with me. You may have to re read -if you haven't already read- my previous articles to fully understand the economics & economic impact of what I now write.

1st quote-

" Wind and solar farms pose a challenge to grid operators because generation is intermittent and less predictable than output from coal or natural gas-fired plants. Germany, which hosts some of the world’s biggest wind and solar capacities, suffers so many drops and surges from clean power that the government pays utilities to adjust electricity output within seconds to stabilize the grid."

Again we see confirmation that solar & wind are not "sustainable" and at best "intermittent" meaning expect routine interruptions! Currently the German government subsidizes (tax credits / subsidies)

their national grid in order to keep electric supply continuous. Who pays for these "subsidies?" The consumer does in monthly rate hikes & "energy taxes." What else can they do? Few people know about PPP EVs or this site let alone solutions offered here.

Next quote: "Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government,which has pledged to deliver around-the-clock electricity to every Indian home, is seeking to expand and strengthen the creaky grid that suffered the world’s biggest blackout in 2012."

I wonder if this blackout was caused by solar flares / EMP (electromagnetic pulse) like the EMP event striking NYC back in the 1980's? Again, PPP EVs properly manufactured with EMP protection and the fact they are portable (Dispersed Autonomous Energy) are immune to EMP caused blackouts as well as the immediate locations or grid(s) they supply.

Next quote: "$8 billion project backed by Germany’s development bank to upgrade its grid to handle a more than doubling of renewable power capacity by 2022."

$8 Billion invested in UNsustainable energy??? PPP EVs do not require any working capital investment as they utilize existing working capital (saving up to 75%) & existing infrastructure. Utilizing automobile mass production, factories could literally produce "overnight"(30-45 days) 800,000 PPP EVs and @ 100 KW each, this means India surpassing its 2022 goal of 72 gigawatts by 8 gigawatts as total output of 800,000 PPP EVs @ 100 KW each = 80 gigawatts!

This also means 800,000 families no longer needing jobs & "retired" with disposable income & purchasing power for buying homes, travel, various consumer goods etc - a true consumer driven economy. Government tax revenues thrive based on new source collection & grid revenues. A fraction of the $8 Billion could be applied to upgrading transmission lines & grid infrastructure - not spent / wasted on frivolous, unsustainable, problematic & intermittent solar & wind. In the end, consumers pay for power both in rates (especially high monthly increases -like Germany- subsidizing future solar & wind) & taxes.

Germany would better serve its citizens by contracting VW, Mercedes, Porsche & BMW to build 800,000 PPP EVs NOT using any of German or India's government money AND SAVING working capital by reducing it by 75% of German car manufacturers namely VW, BMW, Mercedes & Porsche = all having electric vehicles in current production (existing infrastructure!).

India could do the same utilizing their EV manufactures and save themselves the $8 BILLION - instead GAIN residual revenues from grid supply through PPP EVs.

When the "Carrington event" (MAJOR EMP - Electromagnetic Pulse) predicted to happen in 1 of the next 10 years strikes, all of the $8 Billion worth of equipment -solar & wind- & infrastructure for India's grid will have to be replaced taking years of time & at higher costs adjusted for that time.

In my attempt to be concise now, I hope I didn't confuse anyone!

" Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On "

Bob Stevens