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"Implementation: PPP EVs"

Bob Stevens: Posted on Friday, May 09, 2014 10:53 AM

Hello Everyone & Welcome!

I would like to thank everyone for their enthusiastic following of this site - rolling 30 day visits now topped 1200 with most in 1 day over 155 ! Site visits now come from over 60 countries & interestingly enough, large numbers from those western countries & former "Soviet bloc" countries including Ukraine now "scrambling" to replace Russian supplied natural gas. The only apparent means to all countries would be solar & wind IF they are not aware of this site. As Spain found out the hard way, moving to unsustainable solar or wind = disaster ! Solar & wind will never supply electric "24/7 !" Tax credits & subsidies ensure economic collapse (as well) so it is also economically unsustainable.

Anything subsidized by tax credits & tax subsidies is not sustainable, furthermore in bad economic times, drains the economy to zero tax revenues as there are no jobs therefore no tax revenues paying for tax credits supporting solar or wind ! Spain is proof of inevitable economic collapse when energy is based on solar or wind with the absence of full time job supporting tax revenues - multi-$Billion debts to grid supply companies. Making matters worse, that debt is placed on the backs of Spain's or any country following this path citizens.

With Chancellor Merkel's announcement of Germany's intent to move to solar & wind over the coming decades, immediately electric bills jumped. This is necessary because the money to pay for infrastructure & higher price of solar & wind must come from somewhere in addition to inevitable tax hikes, energy taxes etc. The cost of new supporting infrastructure over time will get into the BILLIONS of dollars .

Now let's look at implementing PPP EVs (Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles). Case in point: Germany. Implementation will occur form the "top" down - in other words from the government down to the EV manufacturers to the selling dealerships to the consumer / purchaser of the PPP EV to local government & local grids / grid suppliers. This is necessary to protect the residual revenue streams for all parties involved - tax revenue for the "feds," revenues for the PPP EV owner & grid supply for Germany or any particular country.

A "contract" with the federal government includes a law stipulating PPP EVs must be "plugged in" supplying country grid when not in use as transportation and PPP EVs are not permitted to leave country unless Germany has a grid supply contract from outside countries supplying electric generated by PPP EVs back to Germany.

Just to remind viewer of this article, when the PPP EV reaches its destination, destination plugs into vehicle to receive its electric supply selling excess back to the grid thus income for the PPP EV owner. The government receives tax revenues from the grid moment to moment as do PPP EV owners/manufactures/dealerships. 100kwh in Delaware USA produce $4680 per month revenue to PPP EV owner. Energy prices (& buy back) are far higher in Europe particularly Germany. Perhaps for 100kw (I have not checked this figure so don't quote me !) revenue would be $7-8000 per month(?). Destinations could be home, shopping malls, work place (but if you're making more from PPP EV grid sales, why would you need to work??).

Current vehicle manufacturers say Mercedes & BMW could "re task" existing working capital saving as much as 70 % by eliminating lithium batteries: current average cost per vehicle for lithium batteries is in excess of $60,000.

In mass production & done on site by vehicle manufacurer, cost of the "package" (ORC fuel cell + interface + generator) replacing batteries would drop to under $15,000 likely more. This frees up $45,000.

Next point: residual revenues are paid monthly to the manufacturer, dealership & consumer / PPP EV owner. Over expected life - 20 years - this is substantial revenue!.

Combining all above points, this is why I say there are no upfront capitalization costs with this approach especially because existing working capital is "re tasked" - PPP EVs create residual revenue streams for all & NO tax burdens especially when compared to all other methods - nuclear power plants, solar & wind.

In the case of a nuclear power plant, in the USA average cost to build = $15 BILLION, 5 to 10 years, 750 acres of land etc. Compare this to no capitalization (upfront) costs by re tasking existing working capital, no TAX or energy rate HIKES & especially overnight availability due to mass production (how long would it take for Mercedes to manufacture 100,000 PPP EVs? 1 million EVS?

To remind you of previous blog articles, EXAMPLE: 100,000 PPP EVs in New Jersey USA @ 100kw each produce 10 GW of electric & could be manufactured in less than a month; combined 4 nuclear power plant electric output in New Jersey = 4.2 GW ! Now compare costs of building those plants in today's dollars along with time & maintenance then look at potential danger of reactor failure like -unfortunately- what happened in Japan (which is WHY Germany is moving away from nuclear) or for that matter what happened in Chernobyl Ukraine !

PPP EVs -when understood- compels any county to do what is economically & energy supply sound. The flight of the "Renewed American Spirit" - utralight powered by my ORC interface generator "package" or proof of concept (see video on home page) will prove to the world & awaken the world to this concept & global energy & economic solution(s). I predict a global Economic & Industrial Revolution through PPP EVs / Globally Dispersed Autonomous Energy .......

" Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On"

Bob Stevens