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"CME" Coronal Mass Ejection Vs. EMP

Posted on Friday, October 03, 2014 12:08 PM

Greetings & Welcome Back Everyone!

Today and as promised over a week ago, I will look at "CME" (coronal mass ejections) then compare to EMP (electromagnetic pulse).

I quote the following from Wikipedia (link = ):

" Description[edit]

Arcs rise above an active region on the surface of the Sun.

Coronal mass ejections release huge quantities of matter and electromagnetic radiation into space above the sun's surface, either near the corona (sometimes called a solar prominence), or farther into the planet system, or beyond (interplanetary CME). The ejected material is a plasma consisting primarily of electrons and protons.

Coronal mass ejections are associated with enormous changes and disturbances in the coronal magnetic field. They are usually observed with a white-light chronograph.


Recent scientific research has shown that the phenomenon of magnetic re connection is responsible for CME and solar flares. Magnetic re connection is the name given to the rearrangement of magnetic field lines when two oppositely directed magnetic fields are brought together. This rearrangement is accompanied with a sudden release of energy stored in the original oppositely directed fields.

On the sun, magnetic re connection may happen on solar arcades—a series of closely occurring loops of magnetic lines of force. These lines of force quickly reconnect into a low arcade of loops, leaving a helix of magnetic field unconnected to the rest of the arcade. The sudden release of energy in this re connection causes the solar flare. The unconnected magnetic helical field and the material that it contains may violently expand outwards forming a CME. This also explains why CMEs and solar flares typically erupt from what are known as the active regions on the sun where magnetic fields are much stronger on average.

Aurora borealis stretch across Quebec and Ontario early on the morning of 8 October 2012.

Impact on Earth[edit]

When the ejection is directed towards Earth and reaches it as an interplanetary CME (ICME), the shock wave of the traveling mass of solar energetic particles causes a geomagnetic storm that may disrupt Earth's magnetosphere, compressing it on the day side and extending the night-side magnetic tail. When the magnetosphere reconnects on the night side, it releases power on the order of terawatt scale, which is directed back toward Earth's upper atmosphere.

Solar energetic particles can cause particularly strong auroras in large regions around Earth's magnetic poles. These are also known as the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) in the northern hemisphere, and the Southern Lights (aurora australis) in the southern hemisphere. Coronal mass ejections, along with solar flares of other origin, can disrupt radio transmissions and cause damage to satellites and electrical transmission line facilities, resulting in potentially massive and long-lasting power outages.

Humans at high altitudes, as in airplanes or space stations, risk exposure to relatively intense cosmic rays. Cosmic rays are potentially lethal in high quantities. The energy absorbed by astronauts is not reduced by a typical spacecraft shield design and, if any protection is provided, it would result from changes in the microscopic in homogeneity of the energy absorption events."

You will notice after reading above Wikipedia description, CME or coronal mass ejection(s) or no where near as disruptive as EMP (electromagnetic pulses) which (EMP) can wipe out the entire planet in a "Carrington Event" (size). I think -and as confirmed by this article- minor radio static along with minor power disruption - more of an annoyance- occurs with CMEs; certainly not as threatening as large EMPs.

Again, with PPP EVs (Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles) properly shielded at point of manufacture for EMP, nations supplying their national grids with PPP EVs will be unaffected by EMPs even a "Carrington Event" sized EMP. PPP EVs would not have to be protected from CME events as they pose no threat.

I realize this article today is short, but I think this is all that is necessary. Reader of this article can find more information by exploring:

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Bob Stevens