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Renewed American Spirit

April 14, 2020

March 30th I successfully tested beta demo unit described in below paragraph - it performed MAGNIFICENTLY well beyond expectations !!!!

Exciting news everyone!! Friday - 21st February, I " received from Intuitive Streaming " another invention which still keeps me awake at night! In a nutshell, a device which fully charges EVs as they run down the road (from motion) thus eliminating ANY charge requirements (especially from the grid) and providing UNLIMITED RANGE for all EVs! Device can be retro installed and in new production immediately - I will finish up in next 2 weeks then approach White House with this - HOPEFULLY they are receptive(???) THIS time - can you image buying a EV with ALL energy provided / unlimited range therefore NO ELECTRIC BILLS EVER?

 April 6, because of website host difficulties, I post latest blog article here.

Once web host corrects problem, namely not being able to post articles, I will move this to blog section of this site.

April 6th post - 

April 6th post -


Hello and Welcome Everyone,

I began writing this article weeks ago, yet unable to complete until now. We now witness the total and complete collapse of global socialism. There is a saying – just before it dies, it stinks real bad. Stink real bad it does. Observe the Judge Cavenaugh hearings where totally fabricated LIES were presented by the DAMN-O CRAPS and their mouth piece the media HOs – none of it ever happened - yet the media HOs and the DAMN-O-CRAPS DICTATED to ALL Americans, it did! Their objective was the same as with PRESIDENT Trump – total annihilation - destruction of them and their entire families! Why? Because they stood tall against Socialism which by definition and practice IS POVERTY EQUALLY DIVIDED!

Now we observe France and the citizens of France’s struggle against the SOCIALISTS and their plan to take France back to the dark ages of Socialism – total control of all citizens. I think the movement is called “yellow vests.” The current government there, in their wildest imagination had no idea the French people and the police would stand together against Socialism. Worse is the fact (I don’ have handy the article link documenting this statement) the media HOs through typical intimidation, lying and browbeating put the current leader into power. The media Hos in U.K. not only admitted it – they BRAGGED about saying they “LIED to the French people getting this Macron into power. THAT is HOW Socialists behave globally – LIES, name calling, BULLYING, VIOLENCE and intimidation by ALL means. I admire the French people for not backing down.

Notice the media HOs do NOT give ANY coverage to the DISASTER they put upon the French people! Initially, when they thought they could cause VIOLENCE and rioting in the streets which is HOW Socialist TAKE power, they covered the story via completely spinning events in the Socialist favor. Then when the French people aligned themselves with the police who refused to bully the people, they dumped the “story.”

Next we look at current ongoing events in the USA and the DAMN-O-CRAPS with their media HOs continuing actions to overturn a duly elected President – President Trump. The butcher of Benghazi bi-LIAR-ry Clinton paid millions for the golden dossier via corrupt collusion with Russia, they had the full cooperation of the “Deep State” - ARROGANT to this day. Look at the media HOs and DAMN-O-CRAPS LIES and denial of reality, their HATRED of USA and OUR Constitution, the CONTEMPT for “We the People!” These Socialists really think they can LIE to then intimidate and entire nation as they did in France! After all they got away with it in France under the continued global funding of Hyman Schwartz (George Soros) so why wouldn’t it work again now? The Human race no longer tolerates Socialism and its lies and worse for Socialism – “the writing is on the wall” because everyone sees through them. Simply put, the more they LIE and the more VIOLENCE they commit in the streets, the more they expose / show the world what they are really about.

Rejoice and celebrate the global collapse of Socialists and Socialism!

Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On

Bob Stevens

Consider this statement (and mission statement of this site) -

Peace Through Strength ~ Strength Through Unity ~ Unity Through Prosperity ~ Prosperity Though American Capitalism in its Original ( Purist ) Form - before taxed by those who destroyed it = Politicians.

I suggest you read July 16 blog article, then May 10! I think you will find them very significant...

Other updates-

Site visits now over 260,000 from more than 100 countries! I look forward & respond to all enjoying very much hearing from you. With so many countries viewing this site (over 100), I welcome hearing view points esp. how you feel your country will be impacted by the flight of the

" Renewed American Spirit " - 

the "little ultralight who can and will !"

Other Observations:

I remain astounded at the lack of response from President Trump / White House (staff). Although his inauguration speech of 2017 borrowed heavily concepts and wording from this website, his State of the Union 2018 had no reference/content from this website. If I had to guess, I speculate his staff "borrowed" from my site in 2017, then upon my sending emails & snail mails to President Trump (which he nor his staff responded to), he or his staff realized lawsuit potential of "borrowing" Trademark, copyrighted materials / intellectual property.

Original timetable for flight launch called for 90 days; I see now it could take 30 days to get up and running once situated in new location - Florida!

From today forward, our Universal Message is "USA ~ HUMAN RACE !" Message is country by country meaning in any country, message is (for example) VIVA LE FRANCE ~ VIVA LE RACE HUMAN!

Past Observations:

I direct your attention to blog article published July 31st covering HOW 95 MILLION American families WILL be transformed into multimillionaires - NOW! I snail mailed hard copy to President Trump / White House day after I published article, have yet to get his response...

The true measure of success is the number of lives - people you do NOT know and will never meet - you impact by freeing them economically - bringing Prosperity into their lives, thus raising the standard of living, NOT / never the amount of money ( a side effect ) you accumulate! The goal of this site / project in the USA (for example) is directly economically freeing 95 - 100 million Americans via providing them PPP EVs ( Portable Power Plant Electric Vehicles ). It takes money not age to retire. Those provided the PPP EV immediately retire with monthly incomes of $26,000 - over 20 years they become worth $6 Million ......In every country where PPP EVs are manufactured or imported, millions of people / families will be freed - Germany, France, China, India, Japan, and others when they choose American Capitalism in its Purist form.

I urge ALL Americans and people of the world to become "racists" = in favor of the HUMAN RACE to which we all belong. "WE THE PEOPLE" refuse to be divided according to skin color, gender, age, religion, economic where with all or ANY division / divisive "tool" the radical liberal left BULLYING, COWARDLY -and YES ALL bullies ARE cowards using name calling, brow beating, intimidation and especially violence to enslave entire countries to accomplish their twisted and anti-HUMAN RACE agenda- democrats / anarchists attempt to use against us - Socialism (=POVERTY equally divided) NEVER worked and NEVER will......Long live the Human Race - 

Unity through Prosperity to the Human Race (ALL of us)!

Previous ANNOUNCEMENT : Exciting update! I set up a new crowd funding site -

Bob Stevens

Just relaxing

I welcome your response to this site and content presented here! Please feel free to comment by filling out then sending comment form on "contact us" page. Thank you.

I am not one to sit and wait and as a result of " being held place" subsequently I had "Intuitive flashes" greatly enhancing the ORC Fuel Cell output. In short, I can't wait to build the 1st unit then experiment / bring into reality these improvements..........

You may find it helpful even necessary especially if you are a 1st time visitor, to read through all previous blog articles. This will greatly enhance your understanding of the technology presented here.

Consider these statements:

" Anything requiring tax subsidies or tax credit(s) is NOT sustainable eventually collapsing after depleting & devastating the economic resources of any country; solar & wind are not sustainable always ending in total failure - look at Spain after 12 years & the results." Bob Stevens

" True sustainable energy also creates sustainable residual revenue streams for all . " Bob Stevens

" Capitalism in its purest form transforms Socialism (Poverty equally divided) into Prosperity for all doing so by distributing the bulk of wealth at the base. " Bob Stevens

IF you still did not view 5 minute video "Renewed American Spirit,"please click on DVD gold image below - takes you to YouTube!

Post beta demo of my ORC fuel cell generator "package," will be dropped into ultralight which I'll redesign first, fly across the USA then to Paris , France precisely as video below outlines. Package will be placed into Electric Vehicle production. HERE IS THE "BIGGIE"- when the electric vehicle returns home, home plugs into vehicle receiving electricity selling surplus back to the grid providing income for any purpose to EV owner(s) ! Supplying grid also reduces grid demand ! Judging by many overseas countries site visits, I expect they already realized this application! More on blog page ! .

Your response to video on YouTube is exciting & builds anticipation worldwide! Video views continue growing daily.


OR Follow / COPY & PASTE this link into your browser:

DVD sales temporarily suspended; I will reopen sales from this site only post Stage 1 demo of prototype ORC Fuel Cell.

Ringtone & song download via cell carriers & I-tunes - in the works!

Special THANKS to Greg Ondo -Field Marketing Manager North America Steinberg!

Thank You Greg for all your help!

Trademarks of "Renewed American Spirit" "Ultimate Sekks Cafe Buffet" (DVDs & CDs ) & Energy Mi$er as well as copyright for "Hang Gliding" (original song track of DVD performed by Bob Stevens) are the intellectual properties of Bob Stevens - all rights reserved.

Renewed American Spirit is committed to demonstrating what all Americans can do regardless of current circumstance or obstacles restricting & afflicting all of us -which we choose to use as motivation to succeed, not excuses for failure- when Americans choose to stand up, take individual responsibility, then come together as one people, one Nation.

ALL of us -equal members of the HUMAN RACE- are special having & tapping greatness within to offer the world - we will no longer be denied opportunity to unite then demonstrate our individual dreams, aspirations, hopes & most all - our individual Intuitive vision driven mission(s).

Flight of the all electric / ORC fuel powered ultralight "Renewed American Spirit" designed by Bob Stevens, will rally all Americans together now, clearly demonstrating unlimited possibilities & achievement for all who dare toss fear to the wind, then take individual responsibility pressing forward with their individual Intuitive vision driven mission(s) - there are no limits other than in thought! There is nothing "We the People" cannot achieve as we choose to act and unite now! The backbone of American Spirit is , recognizing & rewarding - not isolating then punishing - our individual, unique contribution(s) to the entire HUMAN RACE which is all inclusive and we are equal family members of. "Proof of Concept" will be Flight: trans USA - New York ~ Paris Non Stop! Please read "Mission Objective" & "About Us" pages.

"Uniting ALL Americans NOW!"

"Renewed American Spirit ~ Catch It Then Pass It On"

Bob Stevens